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Dual Flow Pro



C: 71% of the Earth’s surface is water. What’s the problem mate?

A: Sure, but 96,5 % of that is oceans, 1,7% is locked in ice and around 1% is saline Groundwater. So less than 1% of all of Earths water is actually fresh water. Oh, by the way – if you don’t know billions of people lack access to fresh water just sod off. 
— —
C: I know how to save water! Drink beer!

A: Yeah, you’re a fun guy (it’s always guys). We love beer. But it goes in 7–10 times more water than what is in the bottle. So as savings goes – it’s pretty worthless. 
— —
C: You can’t use that. It’ll clock up the plumbing. 

A: Funny thing – any time we ask how they know this…they don’t. “It’s just common sense”. Well, with all respect of your common sense, none of our customers that have done tests on this comes to the same conclusion. It is actually the same maintenance cycles as with a regular water flow. 
— —
C: I know that just won’t work! 

A: Even though you do put forward a very strong argument, I’d just like to point out that…
— —
C: That’s not the problem! The problem is …… [pick an issue: climate, energy, windfarms, EVs, My bald head, my husband’s bald head, population, immigration, food production, fossile fuels etc]

A: We agree, there are many issues in the world worth solving. Even a balding head if you don’t feel comfortable with that. But we cannot focus on just one problem. Climate change – and everything that comes with it – is not a single solution problem. We need thousands of solutions that will all play a part in turning the tide. We think ours is a pretty good one. And a pretty simple one. Why not try it out?
— —
C: You don’t need this to save water! Just don’t open your tap as much – then you’ll get less water!

A: Great idea. Not that practical though. To rinse of soap and dirt you need speed. Our technologies increases the speed of the water and helps the rinsing. That's why we need less water for the same functionality. Shower in dripping droplets is not convenient.
— —
C: If you need more water, you can just desalinate sea water! There is plenty of sea water everywhere. Not a problem!

A: Desalination is great. But super expensive and takes huge amounts of energy. And as you know energy is expensive and creates CO2 emissions that we all ready need to reduce. And no one wants to pay more for their water.
— —
C: Drilling wells for the people is the answer. There is no shootage of water, this is a water planet.

A: Oki doki then. Not sure were to start here. For starter you can't just start drilling holes even if you have the land to do it. It's expensive unless you plan on doing it by hand your self. Very — and we mean VERY unpoppular if you are renting and living in a apartment building. If you still are a hardcore driller please google depletion of aquifers before you start. Also see answers above.
— —

C: LOL! I won't get clean with this little water.

A: It's all about soap and lathering. Water is to rinse of soap and particles. Using soap to wash hands is more effective than using water alone because the surfactants in soap lift soil and microbes from skin, and people tend to scrub hands more thoroughly when using soap, which further removes germs
— —
C: This reminds me of a product I didn't buy, tested or used 20 years ago.

A: To put it simple: things develop.
— —
C: It will clog instantly.

A:No it won't. If you have hard water and hasn't used it for a while you can put it in some vinegar and water mix if you need.

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