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See how effective the Altered:Nozzle is for rinsing of soap


The shape of water

We do two things:
1. We break the water up into thousands of drops. This means you get in contact with - and use - every single drop of water that comes out of your tap.
2. We increase the speed to 50 km/h to make sure you still have a good rinse. 

This result is that you get the same coverage, you get soaked and you have the pressure to wash dirt, residue and soap off your hands. Just with 98% less water. 

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Water down the drain

In old taps water comes out in a laminar flow. That works great for filling stuff up. For everything else - like washing hands, washing face, brushing teeth etc - it just means most of the water is going straight down the drain. 

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Climate Solution

How the Altered:Nozzle saves up to 98% of water without loosing functionality

It’s really not rocket science. We have just changed how the water comes out so you can use it a more efficiently than in your old tap. 

Dual Flow Pro


Dual Flow Pro