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The positive impact you’ll have by upgrading your faucet

Saving money, water and CO2 emissions and a return on investment in less than a year. Basically a no-brainer.
Below we explain in details why.

Dual Flow Pro


Dual Flow Pro

Rs. 4,600.00

savings & impact

Average European Household / YEAR

€145 EUR

23,328 Liters of water

583 kWh

164 kg CO2

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Average American Household / YEAR

$200 — USD 

32,400 — Liters of water 

810 — kWh

312 — kg CO2 

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Return on investment

Upgrading your faucet is really a no-brainer

In our example we calculate on upgrading 3 taps. For an average European household this means the upgrade will have paid for itself in less than 10 months and the US household in 7 months. After that you’re making money and making the world a better place every single day. If you’re interested in how we came up with these numbers you can take a look below. 

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Ok, first let’s get you up to speed on how much water we really use. For this example we’ll use US numbers.

In general water use is higher in the US than in Europe. It still ranges quite a lot, but the average for a household is 500 liters/day in the US and 360 liters/day in Europe. That means every household use around 15 000 liters/Month. (500*30=15 000)

According to US EPA 20 % of this is used through taps, so 3000 liters per month is going out taps (500 liters*20%*30 days=3000 liters) and we are estimating an average of 2 bathroom and 1 kitchen tap. 

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Second thing is looking at how much energy has gone into this water. 

To do that, first we need to check how much of the water you use in taps is actually heated. We calculate an average of 50% hot water. That means, if your hot water has an inlet temperature of 10 degrees, and it is heated to 50 degrees (which is pretty standard), then if you mix 50% hot and 50% cold water you will have water that is 30 degrees Celsius coming out your tap. (When we check this, we see that our users often has a higher percentage of hot water, but we’ll keep it at 50% for this calculation.)

The second thing we need to do is to calculate how much energy it takes to heat water. There’s a whole formula for that of course, but the summary is that it takes around 5 kWh of energy to heat 100 liters of water 40 degrees (from inlet temp of 10 up to 50). 

Now we know how much water we are using (3000 liters/month), and we know how much energy we are using to heat this up. So we can calculate that it takes 75 kWh for the hot water that goes through your taps every month. 

(3000 liters*0,5 hot water/100*5=75 kWh/month)

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The energy that goes in to heating water is pretty straight forward. But how much emissions that energy has produced also differs greatly in different parts of the world. The average in the US is that the CO2 Equivalent for producing 1 kWh of energy is 385 grams, and in Europe it is 281 grams. In our example this translates to about 29 kg CO2 in US and 21 kg in Europe (US 0,385*75 and Europe 0,281*75).

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Finally, this water and energy comes at a cost. This also varies across the globe, and even within a specific country. Again, we are using European and US averages which comes down to around $3 per cubic meter of water and 12-13 cents per kWh. That means an average cost in the US of $ 18 /month (3*3 + 0,12*75=18).

Looking at water and energy saved is the most straight forward thing. Just take your regular flow rate per minute and compare to the Altered Nozzles. In average we see that our users save 90%. That translates to $ 16,2/month. 

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To summarize, your upgraded faucet will pay for itself, and you can just feel great doing your nighttime ritual (even if you forget to turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth or washing your face). 

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Water use in a household:
500 liters/day (US), 360 liters/day (Europe)
Water use through taps: 20%
Hot water percentage: 50%
Flowrate regular tap: 8-10 Liters/min
Flowrate Eco-tap: 6 liters/min
Flowrate Altered Dual Flow Pro: 0,75 Liters/min
Cost of water: US $2,79, Europe $3,1/Cubic meter, (Range $6.69 Oslo, Norway – $1.5 Napels, Italy)
Cost of electricity: $0,1383 (US), € 0,127 (Europe) (range $0,22-0,08), 
CO2eq per Kwh: 385 gram (Average USA), 281 gram co2e/kwh (Average Europe, range ), 
Energy to heat 100 liters of water 43 deg Celsius: 5 kWh