Be part of the change!

At the mean time we do not have any job openings. But we are always interested in getting in touch with great people. Who ever, or wherever you are. We are on a mission to turn the tide on water stress and climate change. And for that we will need help!

We’ll launch a career page soon, but in the meantime, why not send us an email if you’d like to get in touch with us.

We believe people makes change – not technologies. People are who creates and use companies, products, services and technologies. So everything need to start with people. 

We believe change happens in small iterations by many people. Not one big solution. Water stress and climate change are not single solution problems. It will take thousands – if not millions – solutions all over the world.

We believe everything can be better. Always. The best Restaurant has not opened, the best book has not been written and the best solutions to living a sustainable life are still to come.

We believe water is a basic human right. It is the second most important thing for life after air. It is something we share, and we have to make sure to make the most of it and give it back in a way so that we can use it again.