Altered:Nozzle vs. The Electric Vehicle

Why a $40 Tap Nozzle is 1.000% more effective than a $70.000 Tesla – and why it should impact how you evaluate your sustainability projects. 

All reports show the same thing – we need to reduce climate impact as soon as possible. According to both IPCC and the UN the next 3-5 years are critical to get us on track. And resources are limited – we only have that much money and time to spend. So, how do we know what to focus on?

Today, most focus is put on very large and complex projects with a high total CO2 impact. And it’s easy to agree that bigger is better – right? The problem with these projects is the size of them. They take a long time and a lot of resources to research, develop, test, implement and scale up before they have an actual impact. 

Measuring Impact per Dollar 
In a scenario where we need impact now and where there are a lot of projects that compete for resources, we believe it would be interesting to also look at Time To Impact (TTI) and Impact Per Dollar (IPD). We believe project with short TTI and high IPD often will be “smaller” efforts – or low hanging fruits – and thereby we should be able to implement several of these alongside the larger ones. Thus, getting both the short term and long-term effects that is so very much needed. 

Read more about how we came to this conclusion here.

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