Fully integrated water saving technologies

We wanted to make it possible for our customers to make a sustainable commitment from the get-go. Altered:Taps are entire faucets equipped with our extreme saving technologies, redefining the world of taps for new construction and refurbishment

Altered:Tap One

Altered:Tap One

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Altered:Tap Two (Sensor)
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Altered:Tap Two (Sensor)

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One — Dual Flow

One is a single lever tap with hot and cold inlet. Suitable for a more flexible setting where you need to be able to use more water from time to time. The two modes; our extreme saving 98% mist mode and our more generous spray mode that still saves 85%. This extrem water saving tap fits seamlessly into your bathroom and provides sustainability like no other brand on the market.


Two — Single Flow Sensor

Suitable for taps where the main activity is hand washing. The tap is equipped with our water saving Dome® technology. Saving up to 96% water. Altered:Tap Two is a sensor tap that runs on both batteries or electricity.