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The Altered:Nozzle Dome® is optimized for public areas where you need high efficiency but still with maximum savings. Our Dome® Technology creates a water dome that diffuses into a water spray. Giving you a full experience with only 0.4 L/Min or 96% savings


  • Single pack
  • Optimized for public areas
  • Dome® Technology
  • Working from 1.5 BAR pressure
  • Ecobrass®

Customer Reviews

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Does the product fit my existing tap?

The Altered:Nozzle fits most taps with detachable socket for removable aerators. In the package you’ll receive different adapters that allows you to fit the Altered:Nozzle in the 3 most common tap sizes: Standard (20,8mm), Junior (18,1mm) and Tom Thumb (15mm).
Watch installation video here.

How do i know which size my tap is?
For help on finding out what size tap you have, please download size guide here.

My faucet has a concealed/cache aerator.
Unfortunately our products does not support these types of taps at the moment. The product will only work on taps that has detachable sockets and removable aerators. There are adapters that can handle this issue. Please send us a message or email so we can assist.

Is the nozzle suitable with my water system?
The Altered:Nozzle may not be used for faucets connected to pressureless boilers. We recommend a minimum pressure of 3 BAR to fulfill the functionality of Dual Flow. For Single Flow Dome we recommend a minimum pressure of 1.5 BAR. Installing check valves at the hot and cold supply is recommended to prevent cross-over flow.

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