World Expo 2020 in Dubai – Swedish Pavilion

The Dubai Expo 2020 has come to an end. On the closing day on 31 March the Swedish Pavilion The Forest had reached almost 1.1 million visitors. As official supplier Altered have supplied water saving technologies to reduce the water footprint in an area where almost 50% of the water supply comes from desalination. A method highly energy-intensive.

So what does this mean in actual numbers and savings in this particular case?Let’s crunch some numbers and look at the effect Altered’s products just have on a narrow area of water consumption for hand washing.

Over 7,400 people has taken part in events in the pavilion area where access to bathroom was possible. Hosting parties, conferences and meetings over 182 days. Add to that a work force of 80 people per day. We assume everyone used the bathroom and washed their hands on average two times during the visit. Thats a very low estimate considering the events and conferences that lasted all days.

Using a regular old style faucet would have crated a waste of about 1 liter per hand wash. With Altered Dome technology this been reduced to less than 0,06 liters. Compared to a regular tap, Altered technologies saves up to 94% of water. That means less water to be produced, less down the drain and less water to be heated. Saving a lot of energy along the way.

In regards to the energy cost to actually get water in the UAE we are looking at approximately 0.007 kWh per liter water. That’s equivalent to 3 gram CO2 per liter water in the UAE with it’s energy mix.

So that means Altered technologies have saved more than 41,285 liter water at the Swedish Expo 2020 pavilion over 182 days. Thats a big backyard pool. And reduced the carbon footprint with more than 117 kg CO2. Just by upgrading the faucets.

Savings in 182 days:
41285 liter water
289 kWh (Desalinated water)
117 kg CO2

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»A criminal waste of precious resource if you know the cost of producing water in a country like the UAE«

Bibin Abraham