Humanitas University - Milan, Italy

Humanitas University wants to prepare its students to face any growth path, in the clinic or in research, in Italy or abroad. A stimulating international environment is the basis of the educational offer of Humanitas University, which helps its students to grow humanly and professionally by developing a spirit of collaboration, curiosity, and a sense of responsibility. The University is complementary to the Humanitas hospital group and contributes to completing its institutional mission which revolves around four cardinal points: Clinic, Research, Education and Sustainability.

Year-on-year calculations of total water use in the University have estimated savings of 2.4 million liters of water and 23,900 kWh of energy each year. The share of hot water used in bathroom taps was estimated at 20%. This results in CO2 savings of 4.285 Kg per year. Based on utility costs for the water at 1,10 EUR/m3 and 0.18 EUR/kWh, the direct ROI for the project was 4.1 months.

Total savings on the water and electricity bills are calculated to be EUR 13.100 each year.


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»A criminal waste of precious resource if you know the cost of producing water in a country like the UAE«

Bibin Abraham